Everyone wants to know about gum disease and prevention to maintain good healthy teeth. Gum disease is a common condition where ones gums become sore, swollen or infected. If you are suffering from gum disease, the gums may bleed while you brush the teeth and you may also have bad breath. This condition of gum disease is called as gingivitis. If it is not treated, a status known as periodontitis can build up. This affects teeth tissues that support the teeth and keep them in the right place. If you do not treat periodontitis condition as soon as when you notice it, the bone in the jaw can decay and little spaces can open up in the middle of the gum and teeth. The teeth can turn loose and may as a result fallout.

Causes of gum disease:

It is caused by a development of plaque on the teeth. It is a sticky substance that has bacteria, that makes while you dentistdrink and eat. Certain bacteria in plaque are not dangerous, but some bacteria are dangerous for your gums health. If you do not clear the plaque from the teeth through brushing them, plaque will develop and irritate the gums, resulting to swelling, redness and soreness.

Seeing the dentist:

You must book an appointment to visit the dentist clinic when the gums are swollen, painful or when they bleed while you brush the teeth. It is good to see a dentist in your local area. The local dentist can make a detailed dental test to check the health of the gums that may involve placing a thin metal stick by having a bend in one end next to the teeth. In certain cases, lot of x-rays may be required to verify the condition of the teeth and jaw bone.

Preventing and treating:

Minor gum disease can generally be treated by keeping a good amount of oral hygiene. The treatment includes brushing the teeth minimum two times a day and flossing on regular basis. You must ensure you make dental checkups on regular basis.